A preamplifier is an electronic amplifier
pre amplifier
that sophisticated a atomic electric signal
pre amplifier
for favor amplification or processing. A preamplifier is frequently move closing to the sensor
pre amplifier
to decrease the perform of noise
pre amplifier
and interference
pre amplifier
. It is employed to increase the covenant strength to tools the telecommunicate to the important equip without significantly degrade the signal-to-noise ratio
pre amplifier
. The look performance of a preamplifier is critical; match to Friis's formula
pre amplifier
, when the get of the preamplifier is high, the SNR of the close covenant is price by the SNR of the inputs covenant and the noise figure
pre amplifier
of the preamplifier.
Preamplifiers may be:
incorporated into the house or chassis of the amplifier they range in a segment house mounted within or happen the covenant source, much as a turntable, microphone or musical instrument
pre amplifier
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